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June 25, 2008


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Parazitii - Concentrati in Metropole / Mesaj Pt Eu

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 25, 2008, 4:48 PM

Hand of God


If you can't read Romanian, that's just tough.

"Concentrati in metropole" by



Concentrati in metropole, condusi de GPS
Vom renunta la creier ca se pare ca gandim prea des.
Nu mai exista ghetouri am dat control-alt-del
Avem sanse mari sa reusim sa fim toti la fel.
O sa dam viata reala pt viata virtuala
O sa stam cu laptopu`-n WC`u in era digitala.
Conectati la net, pe mess,tot mai des
O sa privim pe geam afara fara pic de interes.
Din carcere de lux vom evada si vom lega
Prietenii online bazate pe transfer de mega
Colega, vrei o viata sau un blog, alege
Curvele vor suge pula conectate la 3G.
O sa ne-ascundem feţele dezamagiti de realitate,
Dezamagiti total, inconjurati de aparate.
O sa mancam toti pizza ascunsi dupa perdea
Dar o sa luam de jos tigari, poate vorbim cu cineva.
O sa construim case ca sa stam cu lantul pus
O sa ne rugam la printuri digitale, cu Iisus
In plus, vom face numai lucruri bune, evident
O sa implementam si stilul de viata din occident.

[Refren (Ombladon) x4: ]

Vrem paradisul promis cand am iesit din comunism


Plateste 3 $, ia o mancare de cacat
Urca-te-n pat, indoapa-te, baga E-uri in ficat.
Cheama pompierii sa te scoata din casa pe geam
Fii constient ca faci parte din cel mai josnic clan.
Cate drumuri deschise, atatea perspective false
In alt fel spus: Fraierilor stati in case.
Veniti la munca de la 8 la 6, ca pestii-n plase
Apropo, nu vreti niste droguri intravenoase?
Ne irita, munca cinstita, ca nu-i platita
Si cand de caci pe lege te duci pe pula ca-i belita.
Irita-ma, cand dansezi pe dance, ca n-are sens
Sa te gandesti ca te fortezi sa gandesti intens.
Minoritatile au drepturi, majoritatea nu.
E secolul restrictiilor, indiferent ce crezi tu.
Globalizand informatii am ajuns sa cred ca sunt defect
Oare de ce nu pot discrimina dupa aspect?
Libertatea, e un concept total depasit
Avem onoarea de a fi monitorizati prin satelit.

[Refren (Ombladon) x 4:]

Vrem paradisul promis cand am iesit din comunism

Mesaj Pt Europa / Message For Europe [English version]

We aren't gypsies
We don't live in tents
we make efforts
to elevate ourselves
and we don't play music
on the accordion in Vienna's streets
We don't beg with disabilities
to make a fortune
and we don't read palms
in filthy booths.

We don't wear flowered dresses
and don't pick pockets
we don't immigrate to Sweden with 7 kids for to give us welfare
You blame us from Berlin to Pamplona
That I get sick
Suck my dick ,you won't find a single Romanian boarding caravans in Rome.

We freeze in classrooms starting at age 6-7 ,
6 to 7 hours a day without heat, food, or money .

We have poor parents home
and one thing is certain :
we cultivate a desire to achieve something in life
by ourselves alone.

We are challenged by new laws
Made by morons ;
They dance with us
the "dick waltz" goes one step forward two steps back

I fuckin' hate ****
and it's not normal
that my children see
********** licking each other in the mouth ostentatiously on the streets
It's fashionable to be tolerant but we won't reincarnate Sodom .
We can send you our fags as a package to Barcelona .

We are the poor relative
So we can't be brothers
Message for Europe :
I think you're confusing us

We don't have 7 brothers at home
Mom really isn't sick
Dad drank his coffee quickly
and left for work in a hurry .

We go to universities
and spend our last coin on books
We won't ever be garbage men at Amsterdam
We speak three languages and can fly your airplanes
but we, for fucks sake, can't socialize with dumpsters .

We force closed doors
We live with stolen dreams
And we work legally
A year for a fist of coins.

Get this in your skull quickly
Believe us :
We don't eat swans,
We respect each other, and resolve our problems by ourselves.

Curr's and whores
in Madrid fill up your squatter's camps .
We Romanians wait in line to fill the theaters .

We vote with loathing
And it's true that the country's smashed into fine dust
As it's cheaper to lower money's value when you buy a wreck
Money from the EU in 10 years time
disappears in villas
In non-existent roads
and useless technology .

If we have props ,hey sausages, pardon, hey brothers
We can ask for intimate details in "The forest of the Hanged"

I'm inoffensive
But my thoughts are criminal !

Time has run out for this presentation
In the end we must say that Romania is a nation in Africa
We live in tunnels underground
We are cannibals
We hunt rats with the bow
We don't have cars as we jump from tree to tree painted in yellow
And all the buildings you might admire
if you chose to make an expedition on these lands
are built by a superior civilization
With which we have no relation.

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Parazitii - Concentrati in Metropole / Mesaj Pt Euby solitudoaeternus

Journals / Personal©2008-2015 solitudoaeternus
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wolfenchanter Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I once said to an older person here in england that i wanted to visit Romania. You should have seen the look on their face! "They abuse children in orphanges over there you know" was what they said. And "if you want forests and mountains, go to Scotland instead."
Jimmpan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008
I see MITHOTYN in that play list... and Vintersrog ant bad ether
solitudoaeternus Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008  Professional Photographer
Mithotyn are absolutely awesome, but musically Vintersorg own them(that guy is an absolute genius, see A Star-Guarded Coronation)
Jimmpan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008
With you on that^^ Have you heard UNLEASHED?
solitudoaeternus Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008  Professional Photographer
fuck yes... viking death metallers for the win :)

you'd be surprised at the bands I know mate. I've been into metal for... 7 years.
Jimmpan Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2008
Hehehe... When I mention them people uselly goes blank, good to know there are some more that likes ém:)

Iw been into it since... 4-5 years now.
ArtPainterAdi Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Bravo! Un adevarat manifest! Te apasa si pe tine problema, nu?
solitudoaeternus Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2008  Professional Photographer
Normal. Am trait in Romania 14 ani... si din cate ma priveste, intr-un fel, tot in Romania locuiesc si acum. Ca sa vezi pana unde ajung rufele noastre murdare...

Teacher: So Vlad, where are you from?
Me: Romania, Iasi.
Teacher: Isn't Romania where all the gypsies come from? Are you related to them?
Me: No, Romania is not where gypsies come from. The cunts come from India, and they should crawl back to India and bother them. I am in no way related to them.
Teacher: Oh, I thought like... romanians were gypsies.... or vice versa.

Deci, daca se poate ca in Australia... care e la 24,000km distanta... sa se faca aceleasi confuzii... e grava treaba. In genral ROMII(nu Romanii) au o reputatie groaznica aici, dar sunt clasificati ca Romani. Numa' ca nu dardie careva din cand in cand atunci cand le spun ca-s Roman.
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